The Foundation for Autism Resources supports children, connects families, provides resources. 

FAR assures families the resources needed to unlock each child’s potential. The Foundation for Autism Resources (FAR) began in 2013, to fill a gap faced by families and educators in the autism community: consistent, quality therapy for children whose families do not have the funds or means to do so without support. 

FAR connects families and providers of ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) that offer individualized home based or hybrid programs with strong family involvement. Children receive an average of 35 hours a week of therapy. 

The Foundation for Autism Resources: providing access, instilling hope, changing lives. 

FAR is different from other autism groups because we provide immediate and direct support to local families in Indiana.

FAR operates as a "virtual" office to reduce costs and provide maximum benefits to Hoosier families.

The impact of FAR reaches throughout the state. From humble beginnings, FAR has garnered community support and funding from a growing list of individuals, foundations and businesses who want to provide opportunities for children.

  • Since 2013, FAR has connected 16 children and their families, with long-term services. 

  • Four more children and their families will join FAR in 2016.

  • We assure each child receives an average of 35 hours a week of individualized therapy and that family involvement is a strong part of each program.

  • We have grown the FAR Service Provider Network to six highly qualified providers.

  • We received grants from the Moorehouse Foundation, Indiana Youth Institute and Indiana Support for Autism Youth.

  • We continue to increase the number of fundraising/awareness building events each year.

  • FAR’s signature event Tapas, Wine & Jazz will be at the Broadmoor Country Club, Indianapolis on August 18, 2017

  • We have been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, radio interviews and expanded our social media presence.


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