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We’re always so glad to hear how the children are doing…..


Bailey has now been consistently saying "bye" to everyone when she is leaving. She is also starting to try and say more words that she hears!

Bailey has recently moved up in her *PECs program. She is saying more words and we have accomplished overcoming a few struggles that we were having at home. 

Bailey is doing ten times better now and will actually look at you when you are talking. She offers her love and affection

now also which is very warming to me. 


Her therapists have also helped me with going into stores. Bailey was so used to sitting in the front part of the cart. She is now half my size and it was becoming very difficult for me to lift her up into this part of the cart. The therapists met us at the store to help me with this and Bailey walked around pushing the cart. She also grabbed a basket and pretended to shop herself. Bailey did very well with this and did not get very upset at all. 


* Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a great tool in helping all nonverbal children with or without autism communicate without words.


This is Lilly. She is 10 years old and was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 3. Lilly is non-verbal and faces many challenges and obstacles daily. With the help of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, made possible for our family by the Foundation for Autism Resources, Lilly has been provided with countless opportunities and resources that have helped her grow in tremendous ways! Our family is so thankful for the amazing support that has changed our lives!


FAR has been wonderful to our family. Shana has been so very helpful and supportive through our entire process.  Sophia is an outgoing little girl that absorbs information like a sponge.  She has improved so much in the past few months through ABA. FAR has made it possible to help my daughter and in turn our family.  We have learned so much with ABA and the parent training that they provide.


I am so thankful that we have been able to have FAR by our side. I honestly feel like our family would still be lost and confused about what to do with Sophia's behaviors.

My Grandson De'shay

This is De'shay my 5 year old grandson who was diagnosed with autism. It's not been easy for De'Shey or for me and we're both still learning a lot and we take it day by day.


De'shay used to be more nonverbal and not social but with the help of a therapist he has come a long way. Well, I should say with the help of doctors, therapists, developmental preschool, and if it wasn't for FAR we wouldn't be getting the ABA therapy.


He gets ABA therapy 5 days a week and it's helped in so many ways. I hope more children like De'shay can get the help he has been receiving and he can continue getting the help too. You don't know how much it means and I truly am blessed to have FAR and everyone that has been working with my grandson in our lives.


Thank you again for everything. Estella

Jackson & Jellybean

Jackson loves swimming, riding his tricycle and, most of all, his dachshund, Jellybean. He turns 10 this year.  ABA therapy, thanks to FAR, has helped him become a talkative little guy. 


Our son Hunter did not used to be very good in a crowd or at family functions but he is improving so much. He is doing things we never thought he’d be able to do. 


We use certain words that he lets us know when he's had too much, he'll say he needs time out, so we find a room where nobody is in and we take the time to use sensory things to help him. We use massage pressure points and stretch and put our feet together and pull with our hands back and forth. Sometimes we use the iPad or\ toys that he likes, I carry a lot of things. Sometimes he prefers me just to hold him very tight then he goes back to playing with his cousins.


He's talking more these days lol! He has a big vocabulary now and the ABA has helped a lot with his social skills and helped us be more aware of how he is feeling and how others are making him feel. 


When my son Parker was first diagnosed we didn't know what his future would hold.


Thanks to FAR, his wonderful ABA team, and Parker's determination I have no doubt that my son will go on to live a very happy and wonderful life!



Taylor is a seven year old boy, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3. Taylor struggles with many things throughout daily life including emotional and behavioral control, dietary restrictions, and significant communication and learning delays. 


When Taylor began Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, made possible with assistance from the Foundation for Autism Resources, his progress was remarkable! This organization has changed our family's life as we continue to see amazing improvements every day!


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