Meet Isaac and Ashley

February 24, 2014

Ashley shared this with FAR - we look forward to hearing from other families about Life on Autism

We are grateful for Isaac's opportunity to receive treatment which is research based and proven effective in helping those with Autism to navigate a world that isn't always hospitable to them. Here are a few highlights of treatment so far that I'd like to share:


  • One afternoon one of Isaac's therapists approached me to see if I would be interested in a family game or activity with all the kids together. I jumped at the chance! We all played Don't Break the Ice and it was very meaningful to me to have someone there to support Isaac and help him to participate in a family activity.

  • Instead of grabbing an entire container of juice out of the fridge and pouring it all over himself Isaac is now getting my attention and walking me to the fridge to point out what he would like.

  • Isaac has learned to wave, and at an appointment with his developmental pediatrician the other day he verbally told the doctor "bye, bye" which brought tears to my eyes and was impressive to everyone in the room.

  • At his last appointment with this doctor we had discussed preliminarily the possibility of medicating Isaac for hyperactivity and behavior problems. Three of my four children were at this appointment and Isaac was the best behaved out of the three. He sat like a little gentleman with his ipad and only needed gentle and infrequent reminders to adjust his behavior.

Moments like these are the big payoffs. It's hard to see the incremental changes day by day but when you look at the difference in Isac from six months ago you see the progress and it is much more substantial. I look foward to seeing the continued progress in Isaac and have high hopes that ABA therapy will be the key to unlocking Isaac's "voice", whether that voice is verbal electronic or something else.

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