Meet Zeke

March 17, 2014

I knew my son Zeke had autism by his 1st birthday. Of course the pediatrician doesn't do the M-CHAT until 18 mo. We then waited 6mo to see the specialist at Riley Hospital. Then one of the two doctors was not ready to give the diagnosis. So we went back 4 mo later and did receive a diagnosis. But there was no direction given to us on how to find an ABA provider. Thankfully I have worked with children with disabilities in the past and had some resources to go to. But I was still running into walls with insurance and with finding a provider to serve a toddler and to come into our home. Then someone told me about FAR and we were off and running. Zeke was approved for funding within a week of me getting all our requirements to Shana.


We will starting therapy next week as the therapists have been getting to know Zeke for the last few weeks. This means so much to our family. I have a 20 yr old who is leaving for the Army in 2 weeks. A 9 yr old who is starving to have some Mommy time. Then Zeke has a twin brother! There is not enough Mommy and Daddy to go around when you have 2 1/2 yr old twins with one being autistic. We have been trapped at home while my husband works because it isn't possible for me to take the boys out by myself. This summer is going to be amazing! We will be able to go do things because Zeke will have his own set of eyes and hands on him. Thank you FAR for changing all of our lives. Most importantly, for giving Zeke the opportunity to reach his fullest potential. We are so excited for him to start communicating with us. He has some verbal and sign language, but uses it only occasionally. I can't wait to have him yell " Moooooommy" from across the house someday. I know he will, I know he is so super smart and he can't wait to tell us about all the things he wants to do. 



Please share your story too, it keeps me inspired to read about other families!

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