Autism and Self-Injury - You are Not Alone

September 22, 2014

Kim shared Kaedon's story in a previous blog post.  After a recent conversation with the mom of a young child I wanted to share this highlight. It helps to know you are not the only one.


Self injury itself isn't really discussed via the autism spectrum, let alone in younger children. My son has hit his mouth so much he has made himself bleed on several occasions. I can only pray that because of his early intervention services received alongside ABA, he will reach a height of a positive outcome. But to the many parents who not only face the spectrum, but the self injury side as well, we say to them, you are not alone. Kaedon delivers a smile that can melt a soul.  And through therapy his eye contact and name responding has increased dramatically. He will laugh as any toddler will, and will have his kid friendly goofy moments just the same; but the same bright smiling toddler will wake up at 2am and stay up until 7:20am, only to close his eyes for 30 minutes, and stay up until 4pm, hitting himself and refusing to rest. So when it's rough, it's rough.


And sometimes we feel so alone. -Sometimes we feel so alone. Sometimes we feel so alone....We are so grateful for all the help via autism support that we have received. 

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