Why ABA Therapy?

October 6, 2014

Applied Behavior Analysis is a well researched approach to teaching. Individualized for each learner During a typical therapy session a therapist will reinforce desired behaviors, or functional skills, anything from building with blocks, to using words to potty training by providing reinforces when the learner exhibits the desired behavior.



A reinforcer can be praise, play time with a favorite toy, listening to a song, or a treat, whatever is meaningful to that individual learner. When undesired behaviors such as tantrums, or throwing things are displayed positive reinforcers are withheld. Students quickly learn that desired behaviors will easily and quickly bring them desired results, whereas undesired behaviors will not bring about desired outcomes. Over time,  prompts and rewards are gradually removed as students learn to integrate behaviors into their everyday routines. The learner's family plays an absolutely necessary part n the learning process as they provide consistency and support.  FAR works with providers of ABA therapy who provide home based or hybrid therapy so that the family is directly involved. 

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